Section 144 imposed in parts of Shajapur after Ram temple procession attacked in MP


Image source: Collector Shajapur

Delhi, Jan 09: In a disturbing incident in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur city, a religious procession related to the upcoming Ram temple consecration ceremony faced a violent attack, leading to the imposition of prohibitory orders under CrPC Section 144 in three areas.

The incident occurred in the Magaria area on Monday evening, resulting in one person getting injured. The police swiftly responded by deploying adequate security in the affected regions and registering an FIR against the miscreants involved in the attack.

Shajapur Collector Riju Bafna confirmed the imposition of Section 144 in Magaria, Kachhiwada, and Lalpura, emphasizing the administration’s commitment to maintaining peace. The situation is currently reported as peaceful and legal action is underway against the identified individuals responsible for the assault. According to the FIR filed by procession participant Mohit Rathore, a group of seven to eight individuals obstructed their routine evening procession, leading to a confrontation. The attackers allegedly demanded the procession not to pass through the area, resulting in a gathering of more people who subsequently manhandled the participants, pelted stones, and even attacked with swords.

The FIR listed 24 identified and 15-20 unidentified individuals against whom legal proceedings have been initiated. Notably, Ujjain’s divisional commissioner and Inspector General promptly visited the site, emphasizing the seriousness of the incident. Shajapur MLA Arun Bhimawad also took swift action, urging authorities for stringent measures against the accused. The incident underscores the need for maintaining communal harmony and ensuring the safety of religious processions during sensitive times.



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