Sheikh Hasina secures fifth consecutive term, wins election by over 50 percent

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Source Image: AFP

Delhi, Jan 08: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina secured her fifth consecutive term as the ruling Awami League achieved victory in over 50 percent of the contested seats, according to an Election Commission spokesperson. While Hasina’s leadership has driven impressive economic growth, criticisms persist regarding alleged human rights abuses and a severe crackdown on opposition forces. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), significantly weakened by mass arrests, boycotted the election and declared a general strike, claiming the electoral process to be a “sham.”

Despite the ruling party’s dominance in the seats it contested, some constituencies were left unchallenged, possibly to avoid the perception of a one-party-dominated legislature. Sheikh Hasina, at 76, encouraged citizens to trust in the democratic process, even as reports suggested a relatively low turnout of around 40 percent.

Referring to the BNP as a “terrorist organization,” Hasina emphasized her commitment to upholding democracy in the country. Preliminary results indicated Hasina’s overwhelming success, securing over two-thirds of the declared parliamentary seats, including a victory for prominent figure Shakib Al Hasan, captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, in a landslide for Hasina’s party.



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