10 Houthi rebels killed in US navy air strikes in Red Sea

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Image Source: NDTV
Hodeida, Dec 32:
At least 10 Houthi rebels lost their lives during a US military operation targeting their boats, as reported by two sources at Hodeida port in the Red Sea near Hodeida, Yemen on Sunday. The US military had previously informed the destruction of several small boats operated by the Iran-backed Houthis. This military action was taken in response to an attack by the rebels who attempted to board a container ship, the Maersk Hangzhou.

The strike resulted in the death of 10 Houthis, while two others sustained injuries, according to one source at the port. The wounded individuals were reportedly rescued after the attack. Another source, speaking anonymously, mentioned that four survivors had reached Hodeida, with two of them requiring medical attention.

The incident unfolded when the US Navy responded to a distress call from the Maersk Hangzhou, a container ship flying the Singapore flag and owned by Denmark. The vessel reported being under attack for the second time in 24 hours while traversing the Red Sea, according to the US Central Command’s statement. The Houthis had targeted US helicopters, prompting a retaliatory response in self-defense. The US forces successfully sank three out of four small boats that had approached within 20 meters of the container ship.



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