Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visit J&K after three custodial deaths

Says, army must protect country but also win hearts of its citizens

Delhi, Dec 28: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized the dual responsibility of the Army during his address to soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch. He conveyed that while the primary duty of the Army is to protect the nation, it is equally essential to cultivate a positive relationship with the citizens. In an apparent allusion to the recent deaths of three individuals in Army custody, Singh urged soldiers to exercise caution in their actions. He acknowledged the soldiers’ dedication to their duty and expressed confidence that they would successfully eradicate terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

During his day-long tour in Rajouri district to assess the security situation following a terrorist ambush, Singh commended the soldiers for their bravery and unwavering commitment. He underscored the need to eliminate terrorism from the region and urged the soldiers to move forward with determination. Singh’s visit came in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Poonch that claimed the lives of four soldiers.

In a separate development, the Defence Minister, accompanied by Army Chief General Manoj Pande and Lt Governor Manoj Sinha, met with the families of the three civilians who allegedly died in Army custody. He assured reporters that justice would be served in response to the incidents. The three civilians, picked up for questioning after the attack, were found dead on December 22, with video clips depicting their alleged torture circulating on social media. Singh also visited the Government Medical College to inquire about the health of four other individuals reportedly subjected to “torture” during an anti-terrorist operation in Rajouri. The meeting included District Development Council members, former legislators, and civil society representatives, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the need for a comprehensive response.




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