Former US President Bill Clinton linked to Jeffrey Epstein case in classified documents

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Image Source: NDTV

Delhi, Jan 02: Confidential court documents from 2015 have revealed a connection between former US President Bill Clinton and the Jeffrey Epstein case. These previously undisclosed papers are set to be made public this week. The documents, kept secret until now, link Clinton’s name to the case more than fifty times. Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell faces accusations of facilitating the sexual abuse of Virginia Giuffre, who claims Epstein and Maxwell compelled her into sexual encounters with notable individuals, including Britain’s Prince Andrew.

Judge Loretta Preska’s decision to unseal these confidential papers could potentially unveil the involvement of over 150 individuals identified as “John and Jane Does.” The legal dispute involves Giuffre, who, while not accusing the now 77-year-old Clinton of any wrongdoing, alleges meeting him on Epstein’s private Caribbean island. Clinton, identified as “Doe 36” in the papers according to ABC News, has not been directly implicated.

In 2016, Giuffre’s lawyers sought Clinton’s testimony regarding his connections with Epstein, but Judge Robert Sweet denied the request. Maxwell dismissed Giuffre’s attempt to implicate Clinton as a “transparent ploy” to gain media attention for her “sensational stories.” The documents also detail efforts by Maxwell and Giuffre to compel Epstein to respond to questions in 2016, although Epstein asserted his right not to answer. Despite serious allegations, Clinton’s legal team did not object to the disclosure of these papers.

This renewed scrutiny traces back to 2002 when Clinton traveled to Africa on Epstein’s plane for a charitable mission. Clinton severed ties with Epstein in 2005, well before Epstein faced investigations and subsequent arrest in 2019 for crimes against children.




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