BJP retaliates minister’s critique of Ram Mandir, suggests venerating Babar and Afzal

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Delhi, Jan 08: The BJP responded to a comment by Bihar Education Minister Chandra Shekhar regarding the Ram Temple consecration ceremony, suggesting that the Opposition should venerate pictures of Babar and Afzal Guru.

Union Minister Nityanand Rai countered the remark, emphasizing the need for individuals like Captain Abdul Hamid rather than Afzal Guru and Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Rai expressed confusion over the repeated opposition to the Ram Temple, stating that it seems like the Opposition plans to hang pictures of Babar and Afzal Guru for worship. He emphasized the importance of figures like Ashfaqulla Khan and Captain Hamid in the country, rejecting the need for Babur, Afzal Guru, or Jinnah. Earlier, Chandra Shekhar commented on the need for more schools than temples in the country, referring to the upcoming Ayodhya ceremony. He highlighted the significance of education, cautioning against pseudo-Hindutva and pseudo-nationalism. The reference was made to the historical figure Babar, who founded the Mughal empire in India.



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