Jet Airways founder breaks down in court, says better to die in jail

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Mumbai, Jan 07: Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal expressed deep distress in court on Saturday, stating that he had “lost every hope of life” and contemplating that he would be better off dying in jail than enduring his present circumstances. Goyal, aged 74, was apprehended by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in September last year over an alleged fraud amounting to Rs. 538 crore at Canara Bank.
During his court appearance, Goyal revealed his emotional state, emphasizing the profound impact of his wife Anita’s advanced-stage cancer. Court records indicate that Goyal conveyed the deterioration of his health, describing it as extremely poor and precarious. Presently held in judicial custody at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail, Goyal highlighted the challenging situation with his wife being bedridden and their only daughter also facing health issues.
The arrest of Naresh Goyal by the Enforcement Directorate in September stemmed from allegations related to a Rs. 538 crore fraud at Canara Bank.



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