Assam Trinamool Congress unveil manifesto for Dima Hasao poll

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No development in hills despite tall claims by Triple-Engine Govt: Ripun Bora

Haflong, Dec 01: Amidst the escalating election fever in the Dima Hasao district, the Assam Trinamool Congress has unveiled its election manifesto, swiftly responding to the formidable election machinery of the BJP. Ripun Bora, the President of Assam Trinamool Congress, took a critical stance, pointing out the BJP’s failure to bring about development in Dima-Hasao even with the triple-engine government in power.

At the launch of the election manifesto in Haflong’s CH Khaothlang Auditorium, Ripun Bora underscored the prolonged absence of adequate development in the Hill District. Despite the BJP’s hold on power at the central, state, and council levels, the residents of Dima-Hasao grapple with challenges such as insufficient drinking water, subpar medical facilities, inadequate education, and deficient road transportation. In response, the Trinamool Congress has stepped forward, aiming to address these pressing concerns.

President Ripun Bora criticized the BJP’s Hindutva ideology, specifically calling out Himanta Biswa Sarma’s interpretation, which he claims promotes discriminatory practices in Dima-Hasao based on religion, tribe, and community. This, according to Bora, poses a threat to the peace and harmony of the hill district, hindering its progress.

Highlighting the Trinamool’s election manifesto, Ripun Bora outlined the party’s seven resolutions for the holistic development of the district. He assured voters that promises related to drinking water supply, inclusive education, doorstep governance, enhanced connectivity, fostering communal harmony, and economically driven local markets would be diligently fulfilled. The Trinamool Congress pledges to bring governance to the doorstep of the people, with a commitment to closely connect with the community.

Dima-Hasao Trinamool Congress President and Haflong candidate Aching Zeme emphasized the party’s meticulous assessment of the people’s plight in various constituencies. Drawing attention to the BJP’s tendency to make grand promises during elections that often fall short, Zeme stressed the Trinamool Congress’s commitment to fulfilling the seven promises outlined in their manifesto. The 11 candidates of the Assam Trinamool remain resolute in their dedication to keeping these promises once elected as public representatives.



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