Israel to pull back troops from Gaza to revitalize economy

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Image source: SMH

Jerusalem, Dec 01: In a strategic shift, Israel is withdrawing some forces from Gaza to transition to more targeted operations against Hamas. The move also involves partially returning reservists to civilian life to stimulate the economy. The Israeli official emphasized that the war in the Palestinian enclave will persist until the Islamist faction is ousted. Troops withdrawn from Gaza will also prepare for a potential second front in Lebanon. The military is entering the third stage of the war, expected to last at least six months, focusing on intense mopping-up missions against terrorists.
The Gaza offensive, initiated after the Hamas rampage on October 7, has progressed through stages of intense shelling and invasion. With tanks and troops having secured control over much of Gaza, the focus now is on mopping up and addressing ongoing challenges from Palestinian gunmen in hidden tunnels and bunkers. The withdrawal, particularly of reservists, is aimed at re-energizing the Israeli economy. Some withdrawn troops from Gaza may be rotated to the northern border with Lebanon, anticipating potential escalation with Hezbollah.
The situation in Lebanon is described as critical, and Israel has warned of a full-scale war if Hezbollah does not de-escalate. Both Hamas and Hezbollah are backed by Iran, with regional allies engaging in longer-range attacks against Israel. The Israel-Hamas war has led to unprecedented devastation in Gaza, with a significant number of civilian casualties. Israel’s military, in a reconfiguration move, announced the release of some reservists, acknowledging the prolonged nature of the conflict and aiming for a different, safer security situation.



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