South Korean opposition leader stabbed in neck while speaking to journos

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Seoul, Jan 02 South Korean opposition party leader Lee Jae-myung was attacked on Tuesday while speaking to reporters in the port city of Busan. The incident occurred as Lee, surrounded by journalists, walked through a crowd after visiting a new airport construction site.

According to a witness, the assailant, who had requested Lee’s autograph, suddenly struck him in the neck with what appeared to be a knife. Lee collapsed, and immediate assistance was provided, with one person using a handkerchief to stem the bleeding.

Emergency responders swiftly transported Lee to Pusan National University Hospital. Despite sustaining a one-centimeter laceration on his neck, he remained conscious with minor bleeding. The attack is being condemned as an act of terror against Lee and a severe threat to democracy. The attacker, who was apprehended and wore a hat with Lee’s name, is now in police custody. The incident raises concerns about the safety of political figures, with Lee being a presidential contender and a key figure in South Korean politics. Despite facing past controversies and scandals, recent polls indicate that he remains a formidable contender for the presidency in 2027.




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